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Terms of use

The terms below are set between you as user and customer, here after referred to as "user", and Friskgymnasten AB, here after referred to as the "supplier". The agreement applies to the service, here after referred to as "service". The products and information on that are for sale are here after referred to as the "product".

When a product is purchased it will immediately be added to the users account and can be chosen to be started at anytime.

The supplier provides the user a service under the Distance Contracts Law. The money can be return to the user, within 14 days, if the product has been bought but not started. As soon as the product has been started and the user have gained access to the information given in the product is seen as "used" and the money can not be returned.

It is up to each user to inform themselves of the content of each product before each purchase. For reclaims the user must contact the supplier (

Gift certificates have no expiration date. The gift cards are valid as long as the product is running.

The supplier has the full right to liquidate or sell the service without reservation. On divestment moved ownership and therefore the full rights to the material and the information submitted by the user and the agreements covered between the user and the supplier to the party purchasing the service.

The supplier reserves the right to make changes in the terms of use at anytime. Changes may occur without warning, and all changes are always published on the website. The user is required to, at the first time of registration, accept the terms of use and at each time a purchase is done read the terms of use, and approve them.

By accepting the terms of use, the user confirms that he or she has read, understood and accept the terms of use. If the user do not agree to the terms, he must immediately de-register as a member of the service.

The following disclaimer applies to all information, materials and pages of content featured on the service.

The provider of the service declines all responsibility for the decisions and actions the user is doing based on the information presented in the service.

The service may be used only by persons of age over 18 years.

The user is fully aware of all the information presented on the service in the form of text, moving images, still images and all other materials are only recommendations.

The exercise, the movements or physical activity that the user choses to perform is done entirely at the users own risk.

Common sense should always prevail and apply.

The supplier, distributors of the service, producers of the service, the service staff, other partners appearing on the service, or other partners of the service is not responsible for the actions that the user does on the information which is presented and / or the results that may be.

The service content is entirely for information purposes and is not intended to replace the advice, diagnosis, or treatment recommendations by a physician or other treating instance.

Before the user starts to use the service and / or if the user has any injury, illness, disability or other affected state of health, he must consult with their doctor about the possibility of conducting and following recommendations for physical activity.

If the user ever experience pain, dizziness, weakness or other physical problems associated with the use of the service he or she shall immediately discontinue use and consult their physician.

Users who abuse the service or any other service provider reputable reason may be immediately suspended from service and have the membership deleted without storage.

A written explanation can be given to the user via the registration specified email address. No refunds or other financial settlements apply.

To use the service, the user must, upon registration, provide the proper credentials. User is responsible for the credentials of his choice is handled in a safe manner.

The information users provide is protected. The supplier will not disclose user information to third parties, which is governed by this Agreement.

It is forbidden for the user:

  • - Making information available to third parties
  • - To assign the use of the account to someone other than the registered.
  • - Pretending to be someone else or create a false identity for the use of the service.

All materials in the form of films, moving image, still image, text, music or other form of media or information is protected by Swedish copyright law.

Anyone who in any way use or exploit the above-mentioned materials is guilty of breaking the law and may be reported to the police and thus face prosecution.

The price indicated for each product. Provider reserves the right to change prices without notice. The price for each product includes all taxes and fees.

The prices do not include the costs that the user has for communication via their internet provider. All types of expenses for download and streaming is not included in the price of the service.

Payment is made by debit card or direct payment via third party. Upon confirming the purchase, the corresponding specified amount of the purchase reserved on the user's bank account.

Service operation is such that a predetermined material in the form of moving images, text and / or other types of information presented to the user according to a predetermined time interval. The information on how each product is structured makes each individual user is responsible to inform himself before every purchase.

When the user buy a product, the user can choose to start the product's first interval when desired. Once the user has chosen to launch an interval it can not be paused, stopped or otherwise restarted. When the interval expires, according to the specified time, the user gets the opportunity to start the next interval of product. This is provided that the product has more than one interval.

The function of the service going on in such a manner until the all included intervals in the product is over. When all intervals are complete the product is also completed.

The user can buy the same product or other product several times. Multiple products can be bought and be available simultaneously to the user.

The supplier accepts no liability for disruptions or delays caused by the user or by errors or defects in the user equipment or other equipment belonging to other than the supplier.

All information submitted to the service dealt with under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We register the following information:

  • Name.
  • Email address.
  • User name.
  • The number of times the wrong password has been entered.
  • If customer Is accepted or suspended.
  • Last date customer was excluded from the page.
  • Last date as well as the time client was logged in on the page.
  • Last date and time as customer changed password.
  • The last date of payment of the service took place; date and time.
  • What active products the customer has in his account.
  • No information is given or sold to third parties. This does not apply if the sale of the business is done.
  • Cokies may be used in order to provide a fully operational service.

The supplier takes no responsibility for the processing of personal data by third parties that may be linked or otherwise connected to the service. For information in this regard to third party term of use.

Disputes regarding the interpretation and application of this Agreement which is not settled by negotiation between the parties shall be submitted for decision to the Consumer Complaints.

If the dispute is to be tried in court, it shall be settled in Swedish courts applying Swedish law.

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