SOMA MOVE® - Eight sessions

Course length: 50 weeks Parts: 8
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Move your body and mind!

Welcome to join Linus Johansson in an eight session SOMA MOVE® course stretching over an entire year. Linus will guide you to explore your movment potential through eight flowing and strong sessions with the aim to develope both your movment body and your movment mind.

The breath is the center of everything we do in life and especialy when we move. Therefore we strive to breath in hamrnony with every movement we make in a SOMA MOVE session to join the two in to one unified and holistic experinece. Bringing understanding and deeper contact with your movment potential.

SOMA MOVE® must be concidered to be a tough and atheltic workout but is still very soft, giving the best from two worlds. Linus present both progressions and regeressions for each movment in each session, you will in that way be able to choose and adapt everything to your will and ability.

Each session is approxmently 35 min long and you will be given access to each new session every week for eight weeks. After the last session you will have antoher 44 weeks access, a complete year in total, to keep exploring and moving.

Please join me and to explore and develope your movment potential.


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