Unlock your hips

365 days | Parts 2


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Unlock your hips!

My name is Linus Johansson, I am a physiotherapist and a movement practitioner. This session is a perfect for you that wants to explore the movement potential in your hips. 

There are two different sessions in this course. One addresses the hips all in standing and the other on the floor. 

- The standing session contains 10 different movements and is approx 20 min long.

- The floor session contains 5 different movements and is approx 15 min long.

The sessions addresses the most fundamental movements that will increase the strength and range of motion in your hips. You can use it as a daily movement routine or as a break during your workday.

Learn more about what I do by following me on Instagram, @soma_by_linus

Please enjoy, Linus!