SOMA MOVE® - Session 1

Course length: 365 days Parts: 1
SEK 199

SOMA MOVE® is a holistic movement class that is athletic and at the same time soft. You work with your body as the resistance and with the ground as your tool. The entire session is an uninterrupted flow of movement patterns where you work with the body as a unit in harmony with the breathing.

This is a SOMA MOVE® class presented by Linus Johansson in English. In this session Linus will guide you through a class with three patterns a Start Up and an Ending. In this class the focus is in understanding more about the meaning of the breath in harmony with the movement and how you work with your grip to get most out of every movement.

This class, as every SOMA MOVE® class, will give you a deep connection and a profound work out with a lot of heat as an result.

Have a great session! We Move!

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