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Welcome to the first part of the ensomatosy course. This course is the extension of the book "Movement Integration, The Systemic Approach to Human Movement", also known as the MI book.

In this three part course Linus Johansson present the concept of ensomatosy. You will be given the basic tools to appreciate, see and move the human form as an indivisible and unified form.

Part 1
In this first part of the course Linus will present the idea and theory behind concept of ensomatosy and how it can be used as a parallell to clasic anatomy. It will give you the knowledge and insight how to see and appriciate the human form as an indivisable unit. You will be given insight how to use the illustrations in your practise and the porpuse the different paths serve.

Part 2
In the second part Linus present how to do a structural assessment and give you tasks to do and practice. With a structural assessment you can describe the potential that recides with in a human form. You can then use the description as a foundation for the intervention you want to do to develope a persons potential.

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Part 3
The third part is the most extensive of the three. Linus present 33 different techniques to use as the interventions when developing a persons ability to move. The techniques is a hybrid between manual techniuqes and movement. The techniques follow the idea of the two patterns of pronation and resupination that is described in the MI book.

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Do you want to dive deeper in the knowledge you get the MI book right here!


This is a draft from the first part of the ensomatosy course.